Honey, I Shrunk You! - infernalrestraint - SD/MP4

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Cover Honey, I Shrunk You! - infernalrestraint - SD/MP4
Screenlist - Honey, I Shrunk You! - infernalrestraint - SD/MP4

Model: Dolly Mattel
Studio: infernalrestraint

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:34:00
Resolution: 850x480
Size: 701 MB

Description: Dolly Mattel is into experimenting with things, but when her partner shrinks her to a fraction of her size she's not sure she likes it. Once she's tiny he can hang her over a boiling pot of water by her min-ankles. As the water slowly comes to a deep rolling boil Dolly gets more and more scared.
Then it's time for Dolly to feel the vibrator. Being so tiny the giant head of the vibrator is so overstimulating. The powerful vibrations make her scream and moan. She has painful orgasm after orgasm. She can't control them. The bondage holds her tightly in place.
She can't stay tiny forever, but when the effects wear off that doesn't mean the fun is over. OT locks Dolly in a barrel and scares her with a plastic bag. She's such a sweet innocent girl, suffering for him. He decides to reward her with more orgasms.
Dolly Mattel SD infernalrestraint
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