5 Shades of DeGrey: The Second Shade - hardtied - HD/MP4

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Cover 5 Shades of DeGrey: The Second Shade - hardtied - HD/MP4
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Model: Rain DeGrey, Jack Hammer
Studio: hardtied

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:50:02
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 2,7 GB

Description: Drifting back to sleep, Rain DeGrey knows what is waiting for her in her dreams. What she can't figure out is why. That book... it was so bad. But something about it has gotten inside of her. The last time she closed her eyes she saw men viciously taking her. This time, who knows what is coming. Her subconscious has some interesting ideas about what should turn her on.
She is helpless in the bondage, ropes digging into her perfect skin, and all she wants is for the faceless men to go back to fucking her brains out, but this one has no interest in plowing her again.
Rain can't get control of the dream. One minute she is kneeling, blindfolded and masturbating herself for some anonymous man's pleasure. The next she is hanging in the air, upside down, and she still can't stop herself from getting off. But the worst is being split by that fucking piece of wood. Her knees are just inches from the ground, but she can't get them down to relieve the pressure on her aching cunt. She's crying while she's cumming. She wants it to stop, but she can't hold herself back. Why is this so hot to her? Why is she dreaming of being used, degraded, humiliated and tormented? How could this get any worse?
She is awakened suddenly, and for just a second she thinks about getting up, but lying there in her bed, pussy dripping wet, she slips back into the dream, this time at Topgrl.com.
Rain DeGrey Jack Hammer HD hardtied
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