Shock - hardtied - SD/MP4

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Cover Shock - hardtied - SD/MP4
Screenlist - Shock - hardtied - SD/MP4

Model: Lilyanna
Studio: hardtied

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:56:37
Resolution: 940x528
Size: 459 MB

Description: There is a certain look that turns PD on. Call it shock, surprise or terror. Part of it is the wide eyes, but that's not all. Some of it is the dilated pupils, but that's not quite everything either. A combination of arched eyebrows and a gaping mouth, maybe? Whatever it is that defines fear best, it is everything he is looking for from a girl. Lilyanna's screams match her expression perfectly. They provide the melody while his whip plays a beat. Her pleadings are the lyrics and her suffering the song.
Lilyanna SD hardtied
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