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Model: Olivia Fawn | Jack Hammer
Studio: hardtied

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:44:01
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 2,2 GB

Description: Competent help is fucking impossible to find. Jack Hammer knows, he's been trying to get this temp, Olivia Fawn, to do her job with even the barest hint of intelligence all afternoon. She asks him about emails. She asks him about packages. She never seems to knock when she enters his office. And he doesn't have all day to try to teach her the basic lessons that she needs to learn. Pain, however, is a powerful teacher. Maybe a little time in bondage, suffering through some corporal punishment, will make her a useful employee.
Some people consider training employees to be a waste of a day, but as long as Jack is going to be showing Olivia the ropes he is going to have a good time with it. She won't, but he will. Tears are streaming down her face and she is screaming for mercy. Caning, pussy flogging, and several induced orgasms will have that effect on a girl. Maybe next time she will think before she asks so many stupid questions.
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