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Model: Hazel Hypnotic
Studio: realtimebondage

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:57:27
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 684,2 MB

Description: Things for Hazel Hypnotic are about to get even more interesting. She has been with us for so long she is getting used to our ideas. That means it's time for us to be even more creative.
There is a special suspension rig that we have been looking to try. It has her soaring in the air with her body perfectly arched to suck or fuck, which ever we decide. This device gives us total access to beat her ass until she is black and blue. We make the best use of it while she is sucking cock. Any time we want our cock to caress the back of her tender throat we deliver a few sharp blows. When she opens wide to scream we fill the void with dick.
Most people that take our electrical torments do it sitting down. Poor Hazel his hung up by her ankles. The means are truly insidious, too. The current runs in through her ass and out through her nipples but she is not grounded. Instead 2 chains hang down from her tits, dangling just above the surface of a copper plate. If she has enough core muscle she can keep them off the ground and save herself from the pain. As soon as she relaxes, though, the juice begins to flow and so do the tears.
Maybe some time with the girls will help relax her afterwards.
Hazel Hypnotic HD realtimebondage
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