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Model: Elizabeth Thorn
Studio: realtimebondage

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:43:52
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 2,3 GB

Description: Live feeds: the final frontier. This is the adventure of the sex slave Elizabeth Thorn. Our mission: to explore new torments, to break her spirit and body, and to take her further into subspace than she has ever been before.
To accomplish this we have to do some unique things to Elizabeth that we wouldn't try with a lesser slave. Crotch rope is an old stand-by but Elizabeth has never been suspended by it before. She's never been hung up in the air with her weight resting heavily on her clit before, and it sends her directly into subspace. If suspensions feel like flying, this one is like gliding through the cosmos. It should hurt, but after a few seconds she wouldn't trade it for the world.
We string her up by her arms later, in the center of the room. We could take turns working her over, but instead we all set upon her at once. 4 dominant sadists stand around her with whips, but she can't see a thing through the electrical tape over her eyes. She's full of anxiety, anticipating the cruel corporal punishment, but once it begins she is thankful that she can't see each strike coming.
Elizabeth is covered in whip marks, her beautiful body showing the erotic red stripes of a well used slave, when we decide to set her up for the next round of treatments. There's still more to come, and she isn't sure if she can handle it all, but we're going to find out together.
Elizabeth Thorn HD realtimebondage
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