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Model: Electra Rayne
Studio: infernalrestraint

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:48:29
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 1000,5 MB

Description: Electra Rayne is a good slave. When her Master orders her to a stranger's hotel room she's on time and dressed sexy. Master is watching her every move and telling her exactly how to please the stranger.
"Strip for him."
"Crawl to him."
"Get him off."
After the stranger has dropped his load on her gyrating ass he's got a proposition for her. She's invited to a bondage party. She hesitates, but her Master is quick to correct her. In the box, in the hood, with handcuffs, she's taken away to a dungeon.
She can't see where she is or who she's with. There's a new stranger and her Master is no longer talking to her. Her holes are violated and she's interrogated. On the spot she has no idea what to say. She's punished for every word.
When it's time to give her an orgasm she's reluctant. She needs her Master's permission. What will she do?
Electra Rayne HD infernalrestraint
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